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Safe for all surfaces


Home investment may be the largest purchase of your life. And some homes have taken a beating over the years from neglect or simply from age. Don’t let your investment go to waste this year. Extend the lifespan and value of your home by eliminating harmful oils, calcium buildup, rust, mildew, oxidized paint, or any other contaminants that take years off of your property’s longevity. Revitalize your home and the spaces you love today by using our highly experienced staff. Our Vapor Blasting (Dustless Blasting) process will keep your surfaces and masonry unharmed without the noise, dust, or days of inconvenience. Whether it is brick, concrete, stucco, cinder blocks, tile, wood, or even stone, our Vapor Blasting (Dustless Blasting) method breathes new life into your home and creates healthier environments for you and your community.

Have a cabin in the mountains, woods, or some lumber in your home that needs some TLC? Well lucky for you, we specialize in wood revitalization too. Our highly experienced staff knows how to properly and efficiently implement the Vapor Blasting (Dustless Blasting) process without causing any damage to your treasured woods, whether they are cedar, redwood, or anything else. Reinvigorate your weathered lumber to look brand new again and eliminate the risk of having warped, discolored, or raised grain by using our Vapor Blasting (Dustless Blasting) service and veteran staff of professionals.

Finally, we remove any charred and potentially hazardous fire damage you may have. We increase the health and value of your property by exposing the healthy wood, brick, stone or any other material again. Your spaces, whether they are interior or exterior, will look fresh, brand new, and strengthen the life of your property for you and your community for years to come.


  • Mobile Service (We Come Directly To You!)
  • Quick and Thorough (Process is About 3-4 hours)
  • Eco Friendly Process
  • No Mess for You (We Clean Up. You Don’t.)
  • We Remove Multilayered Paint
  • We Remove Rust
  • We Remove Bodyfiller
  • Optimal Anchor Profile for Each Project
  • No Flash Rust for 72 Hours!
  • Primer Ready
  • Sand Blasting
  • Dry Blasting
  • Vapor Blasting (Dustless Blasting)