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Primer-ready in no time


There are more than a dozen reasons why your restoration project is gathering dust. But we don’t need the details. We understand that life happens. That’s why we offer premium auto prepping services that save you time and money.

As seasoned experts in the restoration business, we have possibly done and seen it all. We pride ourselves in getting the job done right and quickly. We know that your time is your money. This is why we come directly to your location, use eco-minded methods to clean up after ourselves, and ensure that your next coating will last longer and retain that shine we all look for.

Getting your project done right means we consider many variables. One variable we control for is the temperature of the water used in our blast process. By using cooler water than the ambient air temperature, we safeguard your project against warping due to heat.

And because we consider the anchor profile for each project we know that your next coating will look better and last longer. An anchor profile is essentially the texture of your surface. Depending on how course or smooth the texture is will determine how your coating will stick and how long the coating will last. Too rough and the coating will require extra layers resulting in a less smooth finish. Too smooth and the coating will slide right off and deteriorate faster. We find that sweet spot each time to get the job done quickly and correctly.


  • Mobile Service (We Come Directly To You!)
  • Quick and Thorough (Process is About 3-4 hours)
  • Eco Friendly Process
  • No Mess for You (We Clean Up. You Don’t.)
  • We Remove Multilayered Paint
  • We Remove Rust
  • We Remove Bodyfiller
  • Optimal Anchor Profile for Each Project
  • No Flash Rust for 72 Hours!
  • Primer Ready
  • Sand Blasting
  • Dry Blasting
  • Vapor Blasting (Dustless Blasting)


Your water vessel is your baby, and she probably deserves a few hours at the spa. Revitalize your marine vessel’s peak performance and turn it into the boat of your dreams this year. Fill your summer days with more time on the water by removing the rust, oil, grease, multilayered paint, anti-fouling paint, and any other contaminants from the boat you love.

And likewise, if you are looking to sell your vessel or marine parts, spruce it up and make it more marketable. Your investment will pay off.

Paint stripping, sandblasting, or scrappers and a putty knife are all grueling, dirty, and time-consuming strategies. Additionally, these methods can be harmful to your vessel, especially any fiberglass boats.

That is why we are here. We offer precision blasting that is clean, cost-effective, and time efficient. Get it done in a day or less and get more time on the water this summer or more money in your pocket.