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Safe and eco-friendly


We offer a wide range of industrial restoration services that are all mobile (We come To You!). Find the area that best fits your needs below and get started restoring your projects today.

Fleet Restoration:

Need to touch up and revitalize your fleet of tractor-trailers, semi-truck cargo carriers, moving truck, bulldozer, garbage truck, tractor, food truck, forklift, crane, or even landscape equipment? We got you.

Avoid unneeded costs, labor, and accidents by using our premium Vapor Blasting (Dustless Blasting) service. Our highly skilled staff uses a process that is faster and more efficient eliminating the need for power washers and chemicals. We restore and bring new life into the machines you rely on most. And because we know that heavy machinery is an expensive investment, we take care to find each nook and cranny and provide the TLC it deserves. By removing contaminants and years of rust we can extend and protect the life of your investment so that you see better performance and greater output.

Municipality Areas of Service

  • DOT/ State Vehicle Maintenance
  • Emergency Vehicle Maintenance
  • Local/ State Building Maintenance
  • Transfer Stations
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Statues/ Plaques/ Monuments
  • Schools/ Pools
  • Parks/ Beaches


Looking to provide preventative care and maintenance to your municipality’s local and state fleet of DOT, DTW, or Emergency vehicles?

Our Vapor Blasting (Dustless Blasting) method provides safe, cost-effective, and fast solutions that are also eco-friendly. We remove the risk of sparking or harmful degreasing messes and ensure your local and state services are running at peak performance.



Some graffiti is valuable community art and creates a more engaging and beautiful space for all of us to enjoy. We have no issues with art and the significance it brings to our shared spaces.

However, there is graffiti that is simply trash and serves only to degrade our spaces, communities, and people. This type of graffiti plagues property values, deters customers away from businesses, and takes away the overall esteem of an area.

Methods such as, pressure washing, sand blasting, or soda blasting will not remove the paint, destroy the original surface, and/or kill the surrounding plants and foliage.

Our Vapor Blasting (Dustless Blasting) service is eco-friendly leaving the surrounding areas untouched from the damage caused by chemicals and dust clouds. It also keeps the original surface unharmed while completely removing all of the unwanted graffiti.

Our process is time efficient and obliterates the issue of graffiti in our towns, highways, buildings, and communities. Let us be your graffiti removal specialists and clean up your desired space today!

Industrial Spaces:

Our Vapor Blasting (Dustless Blasting) method is the safest, cleanest, fastest, and most cost efficient solution for your industrial needs. We reduce dust and eliminate any risk of sparks and static electricity. Whether it is a refinery, oil pipeline, chemical plant, or any other live pipeline, we have the experience, mobility, and state-of-the-art tools that ensure your project is done properly, economically, and quickly.

Also, we know that you can’t close your plant, which is why we never ask you to. Instead, we work with your needs and get to work removing rust, oil, grease, paint, primer, and other coatings and contaminants in one step; all while you continue to run your business.

Finally, we complete our process with our rust inhibitor, which creates a paint ready surface and protects your investments from harmful chlorides and flash rust for up to 72 hours.


  • Mobile Service (We Come Directly To You!)
  • Quick and Thorough (Process is About 3-4 hours)
  • Eco Friendly Process
  • No Mess for You (We Clean Up. You Don’t.)
  • We Remove Multilayered Paint
  • We Remove Rust
  • We Remove Bodyfiller
  • Optimal Anchor Profile for Each Project
  • No Flash Rust for 72 Hours!
  • Primer Ready
  • Sand Blasting
  • Dry Blasting
  • Vapor Blasting (Dustless Blasting)